Wineries & Suppliers

Standing Out from the Crowd

Consumers will love your wines – if they know about them.  Your wines’ unique characteristics and value are directly tied to what others think and say, and ultimately, the experience consumers have when they are actually able to taste the fruits of your labor.

But building positive brand awareness among thousands of ever growing competitors can be a daunting task.  How can consumers confidently choose your wine, knowing they will like it?  How (and where) will they find, try and buy?

This is where WhatsMyWine can help.  We are building the largest (and only?) platform of wine tasting and preference data through partnerships with retailers and brands just like you.

Our one of a kind insights platform lets us predict the wines that consumers will like based on their personal preferences.  After tasting as few as XX wines, the WhatsMyWine algorithms can correlate a consumer’s preferences to those with similar palates.  This means we can suggest other new and different wines that a consumer will love – including your wines.  

By joining our partner network, wineries now have an entirely new way to be found, anytime and anywhere.  And thanks to our valued retail partners, we can even help consumers find the closest place to buy your wines.  

Participating wineries also benefit from unparalleled insights to optimize marketing, distribution, and future wine development. Below is a sample list from the many wines we already support across our retailer network.(??)

We’d love to show you how your wines can benefit from a no-cost wine data partnership with WhatsMyWine. Contact us to learn more