Location, Location, Location

Retail is changing dramatically. Today’s consumers expect an easy and engaging shopping experience in store, online and on their phone.  Yet shopping for wine, especially, can be a difficult and time-consuming process.

WhatsMyWine helps retailers fix that.  We show consumers how to choose wines they will love quickly and confidently. Consumers use our free app to find wine based on our personalized recommendation engine. As a retail partner, we can immediately point out wines customers can buy in your exact store location.  Suddenly, shopping at your store becomes so much easier than anywhere else.

Retail partners also benefit from support for in store tastings, helping you acquire new customers and test new wines within your local area. Sales staff in the wine department can extend their service, coverage and influence. The insights you gain about what customers really like and want to buy will help you optimize marketing, merchandising and future purchasing.

We help retailers connect with customers in a new, engaging and more profitable way.  And that’s only the beginning…What about choosing cheese, chocolate or coffee?

Together, we can change the shopping experience for the better – one happy customer at a time.  We’d love to show you how. Contact us to learn more