Hotels & Restaurants

Take the Pressure Off

Choosing wine at a restaurant can be intimidating, or worst case, embarrassing.  The stakes are high, so are the prices, and there’s limited time to peruse the wine list and make up your mind.  A good wine expert certainly helps, but how can your guests confidently choose wines they know they and their friends will like?      

WhatsMyWine can help. We show consumers how to choose wines they will love quickly and confidently. Your guests can use our free app to choose wines based on our personalized recommendation engine.  As a hospitality partner, we can immediately point out wines customers can buy in your location, based on your wine list.   Suddenly, the pressure’s off, and the table moves on to fabulous food and conversation, most likely ordering a bottle they may never have even tried otherwise.

Hospitality partners also benefit from support for on-site tastings, creating a new way to engage your guests. Customized tasting menus can be used to create a new ‘starter’ course, introducing guests to the app and creating a fun way to start the evening.  The insights you gain about what customers really like and want to buy will also help you further optimize your wine menu and future purchasing.

We help you connect with guests in a new and engaging way, enhancing their experience with your brand.  And imagine the possibilities – what about choosing cheese, after dinner drinks or coffee?  We’d love to talk with you about expanding the boundaries of hospitality. Contact us to learn more